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Information Today, Inc. is a diversified digital media and print publisher and conference and events organizer and producer. At Information Today, Inc., our mission is to deliver world-class content in a variety of formats and serve our audiences with the information they need to make informed and critical decisions for their organizations.

Founded in 1980, Information Today, Inc. has spent over 40 years bringing markets together. Whether through digital and print publications or trade shows and conferences, we focus on connecting people and helping them find the solutions they need to solve their business challenges. We are proud to be a B2B media organization that has been a part of the technology and internet evolution, and we hope to continue to inform and provoke our readers as technological progress continues to shape the world.


Meet Our Management Team

Thomas H. Hogan

President & CEO

Roger R. Bilboul

Chairman of the Board

Thomas Hogan, Jr

VP, Marketing & Biz Development

Mike Flaherty


William Spence


Bob Fernekees

VP & Publisher, CRM

Stephen Faig

Group Sales Dir., DBTA/KMWorld

Marydee Ojala

Editor-in-Chief, KMWorld

Steve Nathans-Kelly

VP & Editor, Streaming Media

Joel Unickow

VP & Publisher, Streaming Media

Stacey Hogan

Director, Meetings & Events

Sheila Willison

Marketing Director, Events/Circ.

Dawnel Harris

Webinar Director

Sue Hogan

Director, Human Resources

Tiffany Chamenko

Production Manager

Katherine Allen

GM, Europe