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Delivering expertise to our readers and event attendees

Information Today believes that we can best serve our audiences by providing them with world class content in a variety of formats. It all starts with identifying and working with the foremost experts in the fields we cover. We identify those thought leaders and practitioners and work with them to create our magazine articles, our web content, and our events. Anyone who reads our articles or attends a session at our events, is learning from the very best of the best.

Marketing Solutions

Tapping our industry expertise and engaging our unique audiences

Our goal is to connect our audience with the solutions they need to solve business problems. Marketers of those business solutions will find willing partners when their solution matches the needs of our readers and event attendees. Our media and event brands offer unique marketing opportunities in a variety of formats. We can help solution providers create brand awareness, drive traffic to web sites or events, generate qualified sales leads, and establish thought leadership. Our marketing opportunities include:

Web and print advertising and marketing

  • Dedicated email blasts
  • Turnkey webinar hosting, moderation, and marketing
  • White paper syndication and lead generation
  • Newsletter sponsorships
  • Print Advertising and Advertorial
  • Custom content for content marketing objectives
  • Surveys and research
  • Video marketing services
  • Account-based marketing
  • Native advertising

Event Marketing

  • Exhibition marketing
  • Conference Sponsorships
  • Custom Events
  • Live and On Demand Webinars