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Nowhere is streaming having a bigger impact than on live sports. It’s not just how we watch, it’s what we watch. Esports are products of the digital age. They were born online, and for generations of young people they’re the only sports they know. Fans and stars have created a world where everyone can participate and all are welcome, where people can find their tribe and take part. It’s inclusive, interactive, multi-platform, and always live. While the games might be virtual, the money at stake is very real.Traditional sports are running to keep pace with this upstart, experimenting with multiplatform distribution, VR and AR, digital enhancements, and online gambling. They’re also placing bets by starting or acquiring their own esports leagues. Publishers see the changes coming, and are adapting to support both groups, because really it’s all just sports nowadays, whether or not there’s an “e” in front of the word or not. As long as it involves intense live competition and dedicated fans, publishers are happy to deliver. This incredibly addicting, highly charged, constantly evolving world needs a conference that can keep up with—and even anticipate—the changes ahead. The Sports & Esports Summit is that event, and it will bring attendees into the conversations happening right now, so they can profit from the changes.